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Clive Smith


Clive has spent the majority of his career in franchising, and is an accomplished manager and developer of franchise systems. With a background in marketing, he was a Director of Dyno-Rod, responsible for developing the Dyno brand and on Dyno-Rod’s acquisition by Centrica he was appointed Head of Business.

He subsequently joined the Myhome International Group as Director of Franchising, responsible for the Myhome Cleaning, Ovenclean, Nice’n’Stripy and Surface Doctor networks. He has served as Managing Director of 0800 Handyman, setting up a franchised repair and maintenance service, and of Snack-in-the-Box, a franchise providing vending services. He has worked as a franchise consultant for over 5 years, providing support to brands in sectors such as home services, QSR, children’s activities, property management and business services.

Simon Mills

Simon started as a franchisee in 1991 and joined the franchisor in 1995 working both in the UK and internationally in 12 countries. Simon has worked for franchise powerhouse Neighbourly, Seriously Fun Swim Schools and The Original Poster Company and brings first hand practical experience in recruiting and training with franchisees. Simon is QFP qualified and is committed to ethical franchising.

Our approach

Looking for a franchise consultancy that will build a solid platform for your franchise? We will give you a detailed, impartial assessment of whether your business should be franchised. If it can we will put together the systems, documentation and processes that are essential for managing a successful franchised business.

To help with business mentoring and business coaching projects we integrate with your team to deliver relevant, effective guidance to improve business performance. With many years of franchise management experience you can be sure of receiving an input that will be focused on methods that are practical and proven, not simply about widely available theory.

We don’t impose solutions. Once we’ve understood your business we work collaboratively with you to agree tailored strategies and actions that are relevant and practical to implement. We get to know your business, the market in which it operates and the requirements you have. Basically, our role is to make sure your franchise model is robust, with all operational, financial, regulatory, legal and development aspects of your business taken into account.

We will:

  • Offer objective, forthright opinions and recommendations.
  • Apply creative thinking, but not at the expense of ignoring the ‘tried and trusted’ techniques of franchising.
  • Devise a programme of work that meets your budget and timeline.
  • Integrate with your team
  • Expect to be fully accountable.
  • Aim to establish a long-term relationship with you.


“Working with Clive of Franchise Focus has been a really great for our business. They say you can’t beat experience and Clive has proved this. His knowledge and vision has been instrumental in getting the SRP Inventories franchise development plan firmly on track and we feel very fortunate having him as part of our team.

Compared to previous consultants we had used Clive is a breath of fresh air. He’s professional, hard working and influential. Importantly, we’ve received reliable advice and support due to the in-depth understanding about the practicalities of franchising that Clive has. It’s been invaluable.

Anyone seeking well-qualified advice and guidance on franchising their business will not find a more capable consultant than Clive and Franchise Focus.”

Paul Cassar

Founder, S.R.P. Inventories


“I have worked with Clive for many years and during that time he has assisted some of our clients with particular franchising needs. The clients have found Clive easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable about franchising both from a technical and commercial perspective. Personally, I find Clive is very accommodating, flexible in his approach to matters and a pleasure to work with. With Clive, you are in safe hands.”

Paul Cox

Partner, Foot Anstey


“We refer clients to Clive because he consistently provides well-informed advice and guidance. Having a solid track record in franchising means he really understands the issues that franchisors encounter and so is able to apply pragmatic and practical thinking when it comes to developing and managing franchised businesses.

He displays a high level of professionalism and integrity, which our clients really appreciate. Also, they all seem to really enjoy working with him, as do we. We would certainly recommend Clive and the Franchise Focus team to any company seeking reliable advice about franchising.”

Roz Goldstein,

Goldstein Legal, BFA Board member.

“Clive has played a really important role in the development and growth of Oodles Chinese. It has been a great pleasure working with Clive throughout our franchise journey. In less than two years we have grown to 14 franchised restaurants, something we would not have achieved without Clive’s contribution. He has helped us put together a flawless franchise model, create effective support systems and is guiding us on the recruitment and management of our franchisees.

He is great to work with, being thorough, always available and offering well-informed advice. What we particularly like is that the support is always there when needed. He ensures any issues are properly thought through. So, we’d certainly recommend Clive and the Franchise Focus team to any business owner considering franchising. “

Ismail Umar

Director, Oodles Chinese

Simon is a wonderful franchise relations builder, he is like the Wikipedia of franchising, and for every situation Simon has an answer and a suggestion and helped us form the basis for our franchising business. He is well connected and has a network of European and US franchise professionals and have helped enormously. He is a joy to work with and always professional.

Rune Sovndahl

CEO Fantastic Services

I’d highly recommend Simon’s expert advice and services. He’s supported me with franchise recruitment, my brand story and performance management of my franchise network. Simon’s advice supported me directly in selling franchises, and setting up a robust system to launch my new branches. He’s approachable, trustworthy and very experienced in all manners of franchising.

Lynsey Le Keux

Managing Director, Lekeux Vintage


Simon has been invaluable for Seriously FUN since we first started working together. His personable, positive and diplomatic style has helped us develop our swimming school franchise system and under his expert guidance we signed our first Franchisee earlier this year. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Simon and would gladly recommend his services to anyone looking to franchise their business or improve their existing franchise operation.

Jonathon Madden,

Managing Director, Seriously FUN Swimming Schools

Case Studies



Quick Service Restaurant

Business description:

Offers a indo:chinese fusion menu on a take-way or casual dining basis.


Oodles Chinese has been established in Leicester for over 8 years. It operates two restaurants, one in the City centre, the other just 3 miles away in a busy residential area. It has developed a unique menu, having a Chinese origin but with the addition of marinades, sauces and spices that give the food a unique Indian twist.


Franchise Focus consultant Clive Smith was commissioned in April 2017 to advise an appropriate franchise development plan and to subsequently develop the entire system on which a robust network of franchised restaurants could be based. The owners specified that all aspects of the project were to be handled due to the time constraints of running the business they faced.


The project required the management of all aspects of designing and creating the infrastructure of the franchise. Having devised the format of the franchise, to include calculating a viable franchise fee arrangement, defining the territories, devising logistics relating to product supply, and mapping out the training requirements, the project also required the Operations manual to be written. This task entailed a full assessment of the restaurants operational and administrative functions – to include the cooking technique for every item on the menu being explicitly described, with photos to help explain each stage of cooking. We also specified the franchise support, quality control and audit systems needed and recommended accounting software to enable the Oodles Chinese team to maintain a firm grip on the financial position of each franchisee – it provides ‘real time’ reporting.

Subsequent work has focused on providing materials to assist with the training of franchisees and we are contributing to the drive to recruit franchisees. Importantly, Franchise Intelligence is retained to continue advising the owners on the franchise development programme.


The first ‘pilot’ franchise opened in Birmingham in February 2018. The network has now expanded to comprise 11 restaurants, with deposits paid for a further 3 that will open during the next few months.



Daycare nurseries

Business description:

Small Talk Nurseries (STN) operates a daycare nursery, aimed at children aged 1 to 5 years.


The business is located in Birmingham and has been trading for nearly 10 years. It is geared to creating a safe and stimulating environment for early years education. The owner, Ranjit Singh, has developed a number of innovative activities and methodologies that provide a highly productive experience using balanced play and learning techniques.


The brief given to Clive Smith was to initially review the business and determine how appropriate franchising would be as an expansion strategy. He was subsequently commissioned in April 2016 to create the infrastructure and systems to franchise STN, to include assisting with the planning of staffing and other resources to enable the franchise network to be built.


The work plan required that we examined the detail of how STN functions in order to arrive at a recommendation about the suitability of franchising the business. A few operational issues were identified that were considered incompatible with efficient franchising. These were addressed by the owner and we subsequently created all systems, processes and procedures required for the business to operate as a franchise. This included writing the Operations manual, for which all administrative and operational functions had to be precisely documented, with flow charts created to aid explanation. In parallel with the preparation of the Operations manual we also devised the training course for franchisees.


In early 2017 it became clear that other business interests were likely to impede the owners ability to dedicate the time required to develop the franchise and we advised him to suspend the franchise initiative until such time as the required commitment could be given. This advice was accepted and the project was put on hold for 15 months. It was resurrected in Spring 2018, with the focus being on the setting up of a pilot franchisee. This commenced trading in Brierley Hill in September 2018. The plan Franchise Intelligence recommended is that this pilot would be operated for at least 12 months to allow a full assessment of all of the franchise systems, and in particular to ensure that the protocols connected with adherence to child safeguarding practices are sufficiently robust.

This has been done and some modifications made. STN is now in position to develop its network of nurseries in the Midlands area. We have provided a franchisee recruitment plan and advised on the staffing requirements for this next stage of the project.

We continue to advise the owner on the development of the franchise.



Inventory reports for rented property.

Business description:

S.R.P. Inventories is a well-established property checking business operating in the London area. The scope of service is focused on conducting periodic checks of rented properties and reporting on the condition to landlords or managing agents.


Having devised a highly efficient inspection and reporting system, and with effective marketing channels established, the owners has committed to a franchise development plan to expand the business to a national level. A franchise consultant had been appointed to assist with this strategy, however progress had been disappointing, with few of the franchisees initially appointed achieving the required levels of success. The development plan had therefore been suspended. Franchise Focus was subsequently approached to conduct a review and advise on corrective actions


The requirement was to undertake a thorough review of the structure of the franchise model, to include systems, documentation, training and the tactics that had been employed to market the franchise. This review inevitably focused on the data and feedback available from the franchisees. Key was an overhaul of the franchisee recruitment procedure, specifically to refine the franchisee profile and the adoption of more disciplined interview and selection techniques. Trading forecasts were re-worked and a business planning tool devised to enable prospective franchisees to create their own projections based on reliable criteria. In conjunction with the client, KPI’s and minimum performance standards we were set and an audit and review process devised. Critically, the scope of the franchisees’ obligations were re-set and a new franchise agreement prepared in conjunction with one of the UK’s most eminent franchise solicitors.


The S.R.P. Inventories was subsequently relaunched in November 2019 and currently comprises 3 franchisees, with a further 3 due to be appointed.

Current projects

ClientType of business

Autobrite Direct Car valeting and detailing products
Christies Domiciliary care
SRP Inventories Inventory checks on rented property
Cube Desserts Dessert restaurant
Indulge Dessert Restaurant
Truly Scrumptious Delight Café – coffee, gourmet ice cream, confectionery
Manna-Seh Before & after school club for children
Sharp Shots Photography courses for children
Fantastic Services Repair and maintenance services
Parentwise Birth preparation classes