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Tips For Creating An Effective Franchise Sales Brochure.

Recruiting franchisees usually requires that you have an effective sales brochure. Franchisors are aware that generating enquiries from prospective franchisees can be costly, so obviously every effort must be made to maximize the chances for a successful franchisee appointment. Your web site should hopefully have made a positive first impression but the brochure will have […]

Franchising – The Principles Of Selecting Good Franchisees

Why franchise? The reason that most businesses choose to franchise basically revolves around 3 issues – time, people and money! TIME – because for a relatively small business expansion by franchising can be faster. Franchisees will do a lot of the work to set up a local operation they’re going to own, saving you time […]

Piloting – The Essential First Step Of Franchising

At the heart of any sound franchise operation is the transfer of knowledge and experience. Franchisors train ambitious, self-motivated people who have the drive and determination to succeed in running their own business to operate a replica of the successful business they have created, using precisely the same brand, systems, marketing and techniques that have […]

Preparing a Franchise Operations Manual

Next to the franchise agreement a comprehensive and well-structured Operations Manual is the key ‘must have’ document of a franchise system. A franchise is all about the transfer of knowledge and experience to capable, self-motivated people so that they’re able to successfully replicate an established and proven business model. The Operations Manual therefore should be […]