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Disclosure – How Much Should Franchisors Reveal?

Franchising in the UK has the advantage of not being burdened with onerous franchise specific legislation. Unlike many countries we have successfully adopted a system of self-regulation, effectively overseen by the British Franchise Association. However, in my view a downside of this situation is that there is no mandatory requirement for franchisors to make formal […]

Getting The Design Of Franchise Territories Right

One of the critical decisions that a prospective franchisor must make will concern the design of suitable franchise territories. Generally, there are three burning issues to confront; How large should franchise territories be? What criteria to use to create territories of equitable potential? Should the territories be granted on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis? A […]

Franchise Agreements – The Key Considerations

If franchising is an expansion route you choose for your business there is one document that is of vital importance – a franchise agreement. By precisely setting out the Do’s and Don’ts, in conjunction with your Operations Manual, it really does underpin the entire business. In effect it governs the franchisor/franchisee relationship. So, it must […]

Could your business be franchised?

Franchising can be a tremendously effective business model – it’s based on a dynamic partnership that drives growth and delivers service excellence better than any other business system. But is it suited to all businesses? Franchising – its now big business Franchising has matured as a popular and effective basis for organising a business. Franchised […]

What is business format franchising?

Franchising is a highly dynamic system for running a business. In simple terms it involves the owner of a successful business (franchisor) granting the rights to another party (franchisee), to set up and run a wholly identical business in a defined area and for a specific time using the owners trademarks and other intellectual property. […]

Franchising – Is It Right For You ?

Being our own boss is an ambition that many of us harbour. We wonder how much better would life might be if we were free of the restrictions and bureaucracy of employment and in control of our own destiny, to be the boss making the decisions? Self-employment can be very liberating and rewarding, from both […]