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Franchise my business

Franchising is a highly effective method of expanding a business. With a network of highly motivated franchisees using your brand and systems, running their business exactly as you do, sustainable growth can be rapid, service standards will be exceptional and profit potential fully maximised. Franchising has the potential to transform your business, providing it’s done properly. That’s where we come in.

Our franchise development expertise ensures businesses that are thinking of franchising are fully informed about the implications and requirements. We will create a thorough work programme that will make the process smooth and efficient, focused on the specific requirements of the business. It will combine your knowledge of your business with our knowledge of franchising. It will be realistic and achievable, not generic or a re-work of information you could have obtained yourself.

What we do – the franchise development process:

We will build your franchise system to ensure it effectively protects and enhances your business, allowing it to really fulfil its potential. The franchise development process has 5 key stages:

Franchise Feasibility Assessment

  • Review current business
  • Assess the feasibility
  • Explain the implication and requirements
  • Prepare preliminary Business plan

Franchise Model Design

  • Define respective obligations
  • Plan territories
  • Agree fee structure
  • Prepare financial evaluation

Documentation and Systems

  • Franchise agreement
  • Operations manual
  • CRM system
  • Audit and review system
  • Financial controls – accounting program
  • Reporting requirements
  • Training structure
  • Recruitment plan and materials
  • Resourcing requirements

Pilot Operation

  • Establish up to 3 pilot units
  • Management protocols
  • Monitor and review
  • Feedback and modify

Network Development

  • Recruitment targets
  • Recruitment system
  • Implement Support services
  • Monitor and review
  • Develop ‘ partnership’ culture


The first step to franchising your business. Our tailored Feasibility Assessment will explain exactly how your business is positioned to franchise and the requirements of your franchise development plan.


"Working with Franchise Focus has been really great for our business. The in-depth understanding about the practicalities of franchising has been invaluable"

Paul Cassar, S.R.P. Inventories

"We refer clients to Franchise Focus because they consistently provide well-informed advice and guidance"

Roz Goldstein, Goldstein Legal.

Franchisee recruitment

We help our clients with the key challenge of cost effectively generating leads and selecting the right people to join their franchisee network.

Building a network of franchisees means attracting people to invest in buying your franchise. But, not any people. It’s vital that the recruitment plan is designed to appoint people, or organisations, skills and motivation to ensure the business is a storming success.

Our franchisee recruitment service is focused on optimising the effectiveness of the investment you make in promoting the franchise. We will prepare a plan that will address all stages of the process of granting franchises, from advertising to appointment. The plan will comprise:

Franchisee profile

Preparing a detailed profile a the ideal franchisee is critical

Web site and brochure

It’s so important that the design and content of the web site, brochure and advertising is compelling and makes a dynamic impression. The narrative must be exciting, persuasive, and certainly not misleading.

Lead generation

We will recommend a range of online and offline media options to target those people that match the franchisee profile

Lead handling

Leads must be carefully handled. We have a systematic process that ensures all leads are handled to ensure that suitable candidates are identified and effectively targeted.

Franchise Information Memorandum

This acts as a disclosure of all material facts about your business and the franchise that a prospective franchisee must understand in order to make an informed decision about whether to invest. It makes the recruitment process professional and transparent – .professional and transparent – helping to underscore the credibility of your franchise

Training & Support services

Let us help improve the methods being used to manage, control and develop your franchisees

Our training and support services are designed to sharpen the performance of franchise management teams and franchisees. We share techniques, tips and ideas on a range of topics, including:

Franchise Network Management

  • How to effectively manage franchisees.
  • Creating a positive franchisee management culture
  • Effective launch and marketing strategies
  • Using social media

Franchisee Compliance

  • Conducting independent franchisee audits and reviews
  • Managing non-conformance to get a positive result.
  • Handling disputes


  • Sharing information across the franchise network
  • Executing effective review meetings
  • Creating and managing intranets
  • Productive meetings and conferences
  • CRM systems for effective management

Franchise management advice

Our advisory and mentoring services are designed to help franchised businesses build the productive, collaborative management culture that franchising demands.

We have an in-depth understanding of how franchised businesses should be effectively managed. New and existing franchisors face a variety of challenges when dealing with franchisees. Reviewing performance, monitoring compliance, motivation, handling disputes, demonstrating added value are all typical examples of the tasks that we’re very familiar with and so able to offer qualified guidance about.

New franchisors:

  • Network development and management
  • Design of management and control systems
  • Prepare Operations Manuals
  • Franchisee recruitment – plan and manage programmes
  • Prepare and delivering initial training

Existing franchisors:

  • Franchisee recruitment services – media planning, lead handling
  • Marketing support planning and implementation
  • Advice on franchise communication and liaison issues
  • Planning and innovation
  • Strategic direction and franchisee engagement
  • Dispute resolution


  • Sharing information across the franchise network
  • Executing effective review meetings
  • Creating and managing intranets
  • Productive meetings and conferences
  • CRM systems for effective management