Franchise Consultancy Services
Advice, Development, & Recruitment

Get Specialist Support From Franchise Focus

Franchise Focus can tell you exactly how to franchise a business! Our seasoned, highly experienced franchise development team can provide you with the practical and impartial guidance you need to succeed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspiring or established franchisor – we’ll help you to build a network from the ground up, or maximise the productivity of your existing operation.

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Franchise My Business

Our franchise consultant team will help you through every stage of the franchising process, and ensure you understand all that’s involved. We’ll start by undertaking a feasibility assessment which will involve a full evaluation of your current business, and the creation of a preliminary plan. Following this, we’ll work closely with you to design your franchise model, put in place documentation and systems, implement a pilot operation, and then finally, develop your network.

Franchisee Recruitment

You should know that our all-inclusive franchising help also extends to identifying appropriately skilled franchisees. If you choose to work with us, your franchise mentor will put together a comprehensive recruitment plan. This’ll encompass the creation of a detailed candidate profile, and the production of appropriate marketing materials, in addition to lead generation and handling recommendations. On top of this, we’ll even help you prepare your franchise information memorandum documentation, to guarantee any prospective franchisee can make a fully informed decision.

Franchise Management

Want your franchise network to be robust and dynamic? You’ve got to build a productive and collaborative management culture. To do this, you’ll require our extensive franchise expertise. If you’re a new franchisor, we’ll give you network development guidance, help you create your franchise operations manual, formulate your franchisee training strategy, and so on. We’ll also help you implement effective recruitment initiatives, apply refined marketing techniques, improve communication with existing franchisees, resolve disputes, and so much more.

Training & Development

We’ll assign you a franchise business coach who’ll guide you as to how to improve not just your own performance, but that of your franchisees too. This assistance will include, but won’t be limited to, management support, franchisee monitoring and compliance assessments, and network-wide communication suggestions. Don’t forget, once you’ve received this invaluable franchise guidance, you’ll be able to efficiently enhance the overall productivity of your network of franchisees.