Franchisee Recruitment

Franchisee Recruitment
We'll Help You Find Skilled Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Our franchise consultant team will help you attract prospective franchisees using proven methods. Then, once you have a number of applicants, we’ll help you identify which entrepreneurs are suitable. It’s that easy.


Franchise Focus

Find Franchisees for Your Network

In order to build a successful franchise network, you’ll need to implement effective marketing initiatives, and then identify the right business people. But this can be challenging. Particularly if you’re a new, aspiring franchisor. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution – just ask Franchise Focus for franchising help…

Recruitment Made Simple

Drive. Determination. Ambition. Genuine enthusiasm for your brand. Managerial experience. These are just some of the attributes that successful franchisees share. However, they’re hard to find, and you could easily waste time and money by appointing franchisees that won’t benefit your business. We’ll help you prevent this from happening.

If you decide to work with us, we’ll make it our mission to prepare an efficient strategy that encompasses every aspect of the franchisee recruitment process. From initial advertisement all the way through to selection. Rest assured that your franchise business coach will adjust your recruitment plan so it matches your particular needs and budget – you can rely on our franchise expertise.

The Service Explained

The bespoke recruitment plan your franchise mentor creates for you will cover every single stage of the process. This includes:

A franchisee profile

You must ensure that your partners have the right skills, appropriate experience, and suitable personalities. We’ll work in collaboration with you to create a profile that fills all of your needs.

Website and marketing materials

To attract prospective franchises, you’ll require a well-designed website that features rich, informative content. What’s more, you’ll need compelling advertising materials including brochures.

Lead generation

Our franchise support experts will be able to recommend both online and offline methods that’ll allow you to engage with franchisees who match your profile.

Lead handling

Once you’ve got your leads, you’ll need to handle them carefully, and ensure you choose the best candidates. Our franchise consultants in the UK will teach you a refined systematic process that’ll make this process far easier.

Franchise information memorandum

You must be prepared to disclose all the material facts about your business and franchise network. Accordingly, you’ll need to create a franchise Information Memorandum, or prospectus, that would be issued to prospective franchisees. We would prepare this key document.