Franchise My Business

Franchise My Business
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Franchise Focus

Considering Creating a Franchise Network? We Can Help!

Franchise Focus has been providing invaluable franchising advice for many years. After we’ve assessed your business, we’ll be able to tell you how to establish a franchise network and achieve sustainable growth. But we won’t simply advise you what to do. Our team will work in collaboration with you to develop and execute effective strategies, and meet targets that are both realistic and achievable. Once we’re finished, your business will be transformed.

Why You Need Our Franchise Guidance

Developing a new franchise network is a complex process. Therefore, if you want to have the best chance of success, you’ll need our comprehensive franchise development services. How will you benefit? Our franchise consultants will provide you with objective and honest recommendations, devise a programme that matches your budget, offer you franchise legal advice, and that’s not all.

Simply stated, we’ll do everything within our power to make your transition into franchising as smooth as possible.

The Five Key Stages of the Franchise Development Process

Our extensive franchise expertise allows us to design tailored system structures for businesses. We can create one that enhances and protects your operation too! Keep in mind, the process will include five separate stages:

Feasibility assessment
First, your current operation will need to be reviewed, and then a franchise consultant will give you a full breakdown of the requirements associated with a franchise network. In addition, we’ll help you draw up a preliminary business plan.
Model design
Next, the respective responsibilities and obligations will be clearly defined by an experienced franchise business coach. Furthermore, we’ll perform a financial evaluation, and start the process of planning potential franchisee territories.
Documentation and systems
At this stage, your franchise agreement template will be created, your franchise operations manual will be written, and a recruitment and resourcing plan will be put in place. Plus, we’ll identify which CRM, audit and review, and accounting systems will suit you best.
Pilot operation
Following this, we’re work with you to l establish up to three pilot units, helping to closely assess the performance.
Network development
Finally, you’ll set up your recruitment system, implement your franchise support services, and start to monitor and review the performance of your network. You’ll also be able to begin to develop your partnership culture.