Mediation Services

Mediation Services - Get Expert Dispute Resolution Assistance

Our Mediation service is designed to help franchisors and franchisees resolve their differences before involving expensive litigation lawyers.


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What Are Mediation Services?

Franchise Focus’ expert mediation services are designed to resolve any disputes that occur between franchisors and franchisees, without involving costly litigation lawyers. Simply stated, our franchise consultant team will help you and the other party find common ground by identifying existing areas of agreement, and using them to facilitate a resolution.

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Reduce Your Risk

There’s a good reason why both franchisors and franchisees prefer using mediation services to litigation – they’re considerably cheaper, involve far less risk, and are normally settled within just one day.

With the best of intentions, it can be very hard for the parties to negotiate a settlement once trust has broken down. A trained mediator can re-build bridges between the two sides and help them see where a settlement might be found

What’s more, the agreements reached as part of the mediation process often include provisions that aren’t granted in court judgements. For instance, you could receive an official apology or a highly favourable concession. However, it’s important to realise that mediation should result in a win-win scenario for both you and the other party. You can greatly increase the likelihood of this happening in your case by taking advantage of our extensive franchise expertise.

What Are Mediation Services?

Keep in mind that our dispute management services can be used to resolve disagreements relating to:

Don’t forget, all of our mediation services are carried out by an ADR Group Civil and Commercial Mediator.