Training & Development

Training & Development
for You & Your Franchisees

Franchise Focus can deliver training and support of the highest standard. Work with us, and you’ll benefit from the knowledge of our qualified highly experienced franchise consultants in the UK.


Franchise Focus

Improve the Productivity & Performance of Your Network

You should know that our services have been designed to enhance the performance of both franchise management teams and individual franchisees. They’ll help you get ahead, and stay ahead of your competition.

Your franchise consultant will give you clear and honest recommendations. These will enable you to improve the way in which you manage and develop your franchisees. Once you’ve done this, the performance of your entire network will be enhanced. So don’t hesitate, take advantage of our considerable franchising expertise today.

All-inclusive Franchise Guidance

Our franchising advice extends to techniques, tips, and ideas related to:

Franchise network management

Learn how to successfully manage your franchisees and create a positive management culture. Plus, discover tried and tested launch and marketing strategies that include the effective use of prominent social media platforms - our franchising help covers everything.

Franchisee compliance

Understand the importance of conducting independent franchisee audits and reviews. Additionally, find out how to handle non-conformance, as well as any disputes that occur. Don’t forget, this invaluable franchise support will help you make your partners far more productive.

Franchisee communication

Get to grips with sharing information across your network. This’ll include the training you require to effectively conduct review meetings, share ideas and hold conferences that benefit all of your franchisees. Furthermore, your franchise mentor will teach you how to manage your network through bespoke intranet and CRM systems.